Avocation: Poetry Grant Assistant at Olin Library

October 2017 – May 2018

river styx.png

I used Audacity and Excel to help digitize and index highly-regarded contemporary poet’s performance at Duff’s and their poetry from cassettes under the supervision of the curator.

By 2019 Spring, the results will be an online, grant-funded resources for any students, scholars and fans to access. These poem reading events were held by River Styx magazine during 1970s at downtown St. Louis. Michael and Jan Castro and Shirley Leflore were the core organizers and hosts.

Classical Guitar Player

I have been playing the classical guitar since my high school in 2010. I was honored to be one of the ambassadors for the Shanghai Youth Center and participated in the Golden Phonogram Project of Shanghai. I played two solos and one duet.


Leisure time photography aficionado

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Adventurous Traveler

I love traveling. Together with my friends, we created a lot of memorable experiences during the trips.

  • Bargained with local renters for 🛵 self-motorcycling travel in Taiwan.
  • Survived in South Korea without knowing any Korean 🤷‍♂️ for 2 weeks.
  • Self-drove 2k miles+ in 10 days, starting from 🌉 San Francisco 🔜 🌇 Los Angeles 🔜 🎰 Las Vegas 🔜  Salt Lake City 🔜 🏞️ Yellow Stone Mountain 🔜 Seattle Seattle, circling the west coast of US.
  • Visiting National Park on Facebook 4.0 Yosemite on December 1st just after the snow storm before NP closing.

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Kuma, good boi!

Kuma was bred in Central Arkansas and he was picked up when he was 12 weeks old. He is more catlike with very strong free will. He is smart enough to master the basic obedience commands and decide whether to show you or not.

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