My Journey

Walmart Labs, Data Scientist ’19 – present
Washington University in St. Louis, Olin, MS in Customer Analytics ’18
Fudan University, Applied Maths & Communication Science ’17

Career objective: data scientist.

Studying analytics with strong quantitative backgrounds, I am fascinated by leveraging the power of data and statistical models to solve real-world problems.

I still remember the scene assembling Mini 4WDs when I was a small kid. Trying to make the model car running through piecing together the details and fine-tuning every process brought me huge exhilaration.

I guess it is the reason why I am so enthralled by discovering the relationships of data through tidying and EDA, by building statistical models and by refining algorithms. In order to pieces them together elegantly to untangle problems, I resort to programming languages.

Drawn into the desire of better modeling to unveil stories, I am working hard to be a better explorer in the realm of data science.

Skills at a glance:

Data ingesting, processing & modeling:
Working experience: Python, R, SQL, Spark, Hive, Hadoop, Numba, GCP, Alteryx, Access
Experienced: TensorFlow, Keras, Pig, Sqoop, AWS EC2, SPSS (Statistics & Modeler), SAS
Proficient: Java, C, VB
Familiar: Linux, Docker, Stan, Sonic Pi
Version control: git, svn
Data Visualization:
Working experience: R Shiny, Plotly, Dash, Power BI, Tableau
Proficient: Latex, Markdown

A book called Naked Statistics opened the world of probabilities for me when I was in high school. The idea that our daily life events could be simulated as idealized statistical models led me to studying Natural Sciences (Applied Mathematics) at Fudan University, Shanghai, China.

A detailed knowledge of statistics does not deter wrongdoing any more than a detailed knowledge of law averts criminal behavior. (C. Wheelan, 2013)

After having a well-rounded training in statistics and quantitative fields, I started studying Communication Sciences at Fudan Journalism School in 2015, which contributed to my qualitative interpretation about the data and how to tell a good story. I completed my undergraduate degree with a prized dissertation on Text Analytics Application using R, which helped enhance searching efficiency in Question-and-Answer sites and query-based web environment by applying Text Mining skills to creating thematic indices, which could be found in details on the project’s page.

Currently, I am working as a Data Scientist @ Walmart Labs.

AKA: Edward Ai


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